DESIERTO SUR, on going project since 2013

The Desert is an impenetrable territory presented to us in many ways, but never experienced extensively, it could be said that we are spectators of an immense territory without going through.  During the process of making Desierto Sur (Southern Desert)  I cross that threshold to become participant and produce a manifesto of nobody’s land.   

During the project I explore the southern desert of Peru, -from Lima to Tacna (in the border with Chile)- in order to dismantle “the desert concepts” to later compound the possibilities to experience it. Said this, the project based on the picturesque representation of the desert by working with its colours and forms in regards of the human memory. Every moment of the day delivers a different perspective from the desert, what you see now in 2 hours will disappear and become something else, both physically and metaphorically aspects change and deliver a new view and thought, any natural condition by insignificant, will transform the desert and dislocates the visitor. For that reason, the memory plays an important role in this contemplative process.

I grew up in a city build on the desert (Lima, Peru), that allowed to spent part of my live camping and walking on the side of the Peruvian desert that borders the Pacific ocean -very cloudy part of the year and very hot the other part-. Besides of my natural relation with the Desert, I’ve been developing my practice based on the exploration of vast territories and the process of making Desierto Sur teaches me how to contemplate the relationship between human, space and nature.

- DESIERTO SUR, form part of Vastness Project.


/-The Daydream is a nourished contemplating the greatness-/    Bachelard Gaston

Contemplating the immensity determines a pure state that takes us to a parallel world, be present in a great space is a personal moment constantly repressed by the everyday life. Therefore, a vast space could positions us inside a dream.