The story about -Mao guh-, the 1st Taiwanese surfer.


during the 50’s & 60’s Mao Guhs  father used to made business with the US Army based in the north sea of Taiwan. He was 13 years old at that time. and Mao used to follow his father on his business travels and giving him an extra hand,  During one of those trips he saw us soldiers surfing in north coast.

he said to us during the interview :

-Woow!, what is that!, I’ve never seen that before, 1st time. I was 13 years old and it was around...I forgot...1960...19... I have forgotten-. One of the solders asked me if I want to try, No leash, a little bit of wax, nothing you know, those boards were pretty heavy for a beginner, really big boards- he continues. -One wipeout, come in again, another wipeout, come in again. I tried several times, and I told my father If I got one stand up, one stand up! And he said – Ok, Ok, come on! -

Mao continued surfing for 5 years in the north coast of Taiwan using a board that his father purchased from one of the us soldiers that Mao used to surf with. During those 5 years, Mao surfed only with us soldiers 

Mao continued saying to us -

-Chinese people though I was crazy, the sea is really strong in Taiwan you know, and used be sharks in the water, No people, No people, always, no people on the water, only me, I used to surf alone for few years until I moved to Ylan County - (north east coast of Taiwan), After 10 years of learn how to surf, Mao found his surf shop in 1969, the 1st in Taiwan, and started shaping boards, technic learned from his Japanese master. Nowadays he doesn’t surf or shape boards anymore due an operation he had 3 years ago, His son, his wife and him still running Jeff Surf Shop and his son is a well know surf instructor.

Mao is a Surfing Legend in Taiwan, respected and known all around the country.