VASTNESS, -on going SERIES since 2011-

There is a threshold that defines  Inside and Outside, a place where human begins have established a significance frontier for the now and after. Without been real, this threshold is considered an intimate space. Therefore, the start point is called the current space, and the next one after, the unknown exterior.

/-The Daydream is a nourished contemplating the greatness-/    Bachelard Gaston

The threshold settles while contemplating an immense space, that contemplation of the immensity determines a pure state that takes us to a parallel world. Be present in a great space is a personal moment constantly repressed by everyday life. Therefore, a vast space could position us inside a dream.

VASTNESS has been based on the previous concept in order to trigger the importance of our relationship with immense spaces and how we have forgotten the act to contemplate how the world and nature are presented to us.